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Green Initiatives and Employee Engagement – How to Get Started

Green marketing and employee engagement, do they have any relation? Yes, Employee motivation for green or sustainable business practices is the basis for the victory in green marketing and innovation. The confront is to align internal practices with green business goals. The good news is that it is quite possible there may already be some green initiatives in place, started Read more

10 reasons why employees quit

10 reasons why your best employee are leaving you

Have you ever considered why your best assets are leaving your business? Many businesses see them leaving at a time when many firms competing for ingenuity to keep and handle their best employees and must constantly train new ones.   How do they fix this?  Firstly, by realizing the problem. Here are a dozen reasons why you might be on the verge of losing your best employees… Mismanagement “Workers do not leave businesses, they leave their bosses.”  Yes, that true… You will need to equip yourself with the best managers if you want to be able to attract the best employees. Insufficient Read more

Right Time To start E-Commerce Business

Right Time To start E-Commerce Business

Are you eager to launch online sales? But don’t you know where to start? It is heading towards an online platform in 2020 and beyond. It seems like a very exciting attempt to start a company, and for those who are already very eager about the product and service they decide to launch. However, when actually starting the company, some consideration should be applied, particularly if it is done without careful thought and preparation, it could end up being a costly error and an overall bad experience. Let’s talk about creating a whole virtual storefront with branded items, of course, customers who return real-live merchandise, and everything with you in charge. Yes! Yes! E-commerce, that’s it. Read more

Why Humor Is a Must in workplace

I laugh so much! But when it comes to the workplace I control all my humor. Humor isn’t merely a pleasant diversion amidst the stress and rush of our day. It is a constructive force that reduces stress levels, improves confidence, and eventually impacts the bottom line itself. In short, it pays to laugh. When I suggest that humor contributes Read more

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Cohesiveness Is the Fruit of Effective Leadership

The concept of organizational cohesiveness is recognized in the military as a factor that makes or breaks unit effectiveness. Military leaders have long recognized that when cohesiveness breaks down and is left unaddressed, the unit’s ability to perform is not simply diminished but ultimately destroyed. The same concept applies to organizations. Cohesiveness Is the Fruit of Effective Leadership. Organizational cohesiveness Read more

Can a master’s degree in business management build your employability?

Do you have a master’s degree in management? Have you ever thought you can mould your employability skill by learning management concepts. A lot of people already know that there is a relationship between higher education and employability. A master’s degree in business management is your advantage over many candidates (with a bachelor’s degree or diploma) for a similar job. Read more


Appraisal of Job performance

Its year ending, how did you perform your job? Did you meet your target? How did you get rated in the appraisal? These are a few questions that everyone faces! Now, what is performance management? Performance management is a process through which employees and managers work together to strategize, observe, and review the work goals and overall contribution of a Read more