10 reasons why your best employee are leaving you

10 reasons why employees quit

Have you ever considered

why your best assets are leaving your


Many businesses see them leaving at a time when many firms competing for ingenuity to keep and handle their best employees and must constantly train new ones.


How do they fix this? 

Firstly, by realizing the problem.

Here are a dozen reasons why you might be on the verge of losing your best employees…


Workers do not leave businesses, they leave their bosses.” 

Yes, that true…

You will need to equip yourself with the best managers if you want to

be able to attract the best employees.

Insufficient salary

There is nothing like freezing your employees’ salaries to motivate them to go and see if the conditions are not better than your competitors.

Promotions granted to poor workers 

 Doubly damaging is promotion is given to the wrong person.

Not only does it mean that the new boss is treated as an irritant on an ongoing basis,

but those who felt they earned the promotion in

question will be tempted to see if it can be done elsewhere.

Lack of motivation

Do you remember how motivated your best employees were to work for you during their first few months of hire?

Are they still the same?

To prevent unpleasant surprises, it’s probably time to have a good conversation and chat with them.

Difficulty reconciling work and family

The status of the workers themselves is another aspect that changes over time.

Although most were young singles when they were working in their twenties, they may have started a family since then.

So they have different requirements that you must consider.

Lack of recognition

It’s not just the salary that matters. For some employees, recognition is just as important, and taking them for granted can be the worst mistake.

Work overload

By overworking your employees, you will quickly find yourself with a double problem: the best will leave and those who remain will have to invest part of their time in training new recruits.

The resulting loss of productivity is enormous.

No future

Opportunities for advancement have been a top concern for graduates in recent years, according to Forbes magazine.

Not all employees dream of being promoted, but those who do need to understand what is required to climb the ranks.

Stifling framing

Want to stifle the creativity of your best employees?

Drown them in endless proceedings and you’ll see them jostle each other on the way out.

Bad working atmosphere

Never underestimate conflict between employees. If a problem does arise, kill it in the bud rather than letting the situation escalate. A confrontational atmosphere can cause employees to come to work reluctantly at first… and not at all afterward.

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