customer experience

How to gain Positive Customer experience from Gen Z

A wise business person will always take customer experience into consideration. Generation Z is the future’s customers and in the next 10 years, they will be the biggest purchasing power replacing the millennials. Generation Z consists of people who were born between the 1990s and 2010. Gen Z currently holds the spending power of 44 billion dollars (660 billion dollars Read more

competency mapping

Competency Mapping

Every employee in an organization is filled with unique traits and qualities. Each individual is different from others. The organization should know every employee’s skills in order to meet the target. Now, here comes the role of Competency mapping. It is a procedure of identifying the competencies that are desired to perform work effectively desired set of the firm. It Read more

ethics in hr department

Being ethical in business with human resources is the priority for HR department

Many businesses and staff today are facing a difficult time worldwide? Yes, In fact, this is creating pressure on business regarding human resources, and this is seen that sometimes this pressure leads the HR department to try to deceive the Human resources or act unethically. The external pressure and market competition are forcing companies and businesses to reduce their workforce. Read more

14 principles of management

Administrative theory of Management

Henry Fayol of France developed the theory.  This approach focuses on principles that can be used by managers to coordinate the internal activities of the organization like planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.  It explained the process of managing an organization from the top managerial perspective. Henry Fayol has given 14 principles of management which are as follows: Division of work Read more

scientific management theory

Scientific management theory

Frederick W  Taylor Had done a lot of work to increase the productivity of the workers.  He is branded as the father of scientific management.  This approach emphasizes the scientific study of work in order to improve workers’ efficiency. He tried to find out effective work standards and developed a scientific method to improve productivity. Now we will have a Read more

Smart Tips to Excel in Telephonic Interview

What an excellent resume, an impeccable application! Now it’s the time for the employers to get to know you more And yes that’s by a phone interview What is a Telephonic interview? This is an initial interview in the hiring procedure. The telephonic interview can cut down applicants who are not suitable for the job. Most often, an applicant goes Read more