Appraisal of Job performance

Its year ending, how did you perform your job? Did you meet your target? How did you get rated in the appraisal? These are a few questions that everyone faces! Now, what is performance management? Performance management is a process through which employees and managers work together to strategize, observe, and review the work goals and overall contribution of a Read more

Get Insights About Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Have you seen people meeting with injuries in the workplace! Yes, it happens sometimes Workers play an imperative role in the daily operations, productivity, and success of a business. Employers take care of the employees. Moreover, all the employers are compelled by law to guarantee the safety of the workplace for their employees. For this reason, workers’ compensation insurance is Read more

hobby into business

Unleash your Hobby to Business

Everyone has hobbies! Why don’t you think of turning your hobby as a business? Does that sound practical? Many of the world’s most successful businesses began as a hobby. Other well-known companies that were hobbies first include Dell Computers, Famous Amos Cookies, and Wendy’s. If you are planning to start your own business, but haven’t identified exactly what that business Read more

trends for HRM

Trends in HRM

Changes and innovations are happening every now and then! Managers are using new ways to provide transactional analysis. New policies and practices have been developed to cater to recent trends which are described below: Globalization:   It has led to the expansion of the business. This sometimes means that production takes place in the host country instead of the home Read more

balanced scorecard

Guide for Balanced scorecard

Robert S Kaplan and David P Norton introduced the balanced scorecard concept in 1992.  This concept involves identifying the organization’s vision and mission, identifying strategies for achieving this mission, and analyzing the organization’s performance from certain perspectives to gain an idea of how the organization is successful or not. Significance of balanced scorecard The balanced scorecard can perfectly be balanced Read more