Why Humor Is a Must in workplace

I laugh so much! But when it comes to the workplace I control all my humor. Humor isn’t merely a pleasant diversion amidst the stress and rush of our day. It is a constructive force that reduces stress levels, improves confidence, and eventually impacts the bottom line itself. In short, it pays to laugh. When I suggest that humor contributes Read more

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Cohesiveness Is the Fruit of Effective Leadership

The concept of organizational cohesiveness is recognized in the military as a factor that makes or breaks unit effectiveness. Military leaders have long recognized that when cohesiveness breaks down and is left unaddressed, the unit’s ability to perform is not simply diminished but ultimately destroyed. The same concept applies to organizations. Cohesiveness Is the Fruit of Effective Leadership. Organizational cohesiveness Read more

Can a master’s degree in business management build your employability?

Do you have a master’s degree in management? Have you ever thought you can mould your employability skill by learning management concepts. A lot of people already know that there is a relationship between higher education and employability. A master’s degree in business management is your advantage over many candidates (with a bachelor’s degree or diploma) for a similar job. Read more