All about Charismatic leadership

Charisma is a personality trait worth having

Charismatic people are great influencers

A power that some people have naturally that makes them unique and influence others and attract their attention

….Yes this is Charisma

Now what is Charismatic leadership

A person with a strong personality who always motivates and inspires others.

The term charisma will be practical to a certain quality of an individual character by virtue of which he is set apart from common men and treated as gifted with supernatural, superhuman, or at least particularly exceptional powers or traits. These are such as are not reachable to the common person but are regarded as of divine origin or as exemplary, and on the foundation of them, the person-related is treated as a leader.

Charismatic Leaders are often considered as heroes who are competent to use their personal magic to lead others. But charismatic charm can be both consent and a blight on society. That’s because charisma can be used for the good of a firm or nation – but also for less-than respectable reasons.

Charismatic leaders are capable to use their individual charm to get things done. This can be a very influential way to lead others.

Actually, such strong charismatic authority can be got over others that these leaders can make their supporters do some pretty exceptional things. Charismatic leaders have the ability to feel the gap that presences between what an organization is delivering to its supporters and what the supporters need from an organization. This permits the leader to create a vision of a future state that everybody thinks will be improved than today’s environment.

The charismatic leader often expresses this vision using descriptions and tales in ways that everyone can realize the vision. The supporters see the leader as one that keeps the capability to envisage the future with transparency.

The supporters are also capable to see how they fit into this future state and consider it will be better than nowadays. Since supporters can see themselves in this future vision, they support the objectives of the organization and the leaders more willingly. Rather than resorting to compulsion, the charismatic leader creates confidence among the supporters.

Are Charismatic leaders born or made?

While there are explicit tips and tricks which can instantly enhance your charisma, this is usually something that requires time, tolerance, and practice.

Keep in mind that after all, charisma is nothing more than the combination of certain social and emotional skills. So in order to develop it, you need to develop these skills one by one.

Qualities and characteristics of Charismatic leadership

  • Extraordinary skills in communication

They are very influential orators and will be connecting with their followers through their powerful speech or one-to-one conversations. They are also known for their perfect body language.

  • Powerful persona

Their personality, look, and the way they carry themselves at all times. They create an irresistible appeal that draws unequivocal loyalty and trust from their followers.

  • Very Confident

Charismatic leaders have a high level of confidence in themself as well as in their thoughts, ideas, and visions.

  • Good listeners

A charismatic leader plays notice of what is being said and listens with lots of enthusiasm.

Steps in becoming more charming as a person.

Here they are:

1.Boost your confidence

There is a huge correlation between charisma and confidence.

Improve your confidence and you’ll see charm go up as well. In order to do this, you will need to change some of the automatic ways you think, you interpret events and you see yourself. Gradually do so, and it will be one of the best moves you’ll ever make.

2.Communicate with clarity. Charismatic people have a way with words. They are able to express their ideas and their vision in a compelling way, by using just the right words. Thus, they convert people to their way.

Fortunately, communication skills can be educated and you can improve the clarity of your communication. The main thing is to focus and using better words in better ways every time you communicate verbally.

3.Stand out. Another thing charismatic people share is their ability to stand out. You quickly notice them and it’s easy to remember them.

The positive side of charismatic leadership

  • Charismatic leaders instigate people to work mutually for a common reason
  • Organizations are dedicated to a common mission
  • Management prioritizes learning from mistakes in an effort to achieve something in their mission
  • Charismatic-led companies tend to be unified because their workers have a clear purpose

The negative side of charismatic leadership

  • Leaders may build up tunnel vision or conceit, undoing their previous good deeds
  • Organizations can become reliant on charismatic leaders and may suffer if he or she retires, leaves the company, or dies suddenly
  • Charismatic leaders can sometimes become insensitive to their subordinates or constituents
  • These leaders are not ready to learn from their mistakes
  • Charismatic leaders may think they are above the law, committing financial or ethical violations

Most of us learn to hide what makes us unique. People with charm do the exact contradictory: they put their sole self out there and thus they stand out. It’s essential to have the courage to be yourself; it is the fundamental path to charisma.

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