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Have you seen people meeting with injuries in the workplace!

Yes, it happens sometimes

Workers play an imperative role in the daily operations, productivity, and success of a business. Employers take care of the employees. Moreover, all the employers are compelled by law to guarantee the safety of the workplace for their employees. For this reason, workers’ compensation insurance is offered by the insurance companies for all the employers who want to protect their employees.

Overview of the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy

Accidents take place abruptly. They can occur at any time and at any place in spite of extra care and attention. Under such conditions, this insurance policy is valuable for both employers and employees.

For Employees

It guarantees that the employees will be provided with coverage for the portion of the income they lost when they were incapable to work.

For Employers

It provides coverage to employers from lawsuits filed by workers. An aggrieved or injured employee may file a lawsuit against the employer. In such a case, the employer doesn’t need to pay thousands of dollars to defend themselves. Instead, the insurance company will provide them with compensation.

Coverage provided by the Worker’s Compensation Policy

Usually, all types of employees come under the list of workers’ compensation policies. But there are certain employees who are not compensated and are excluded from getting the coverage. Some of those employees are listed below.

  • Maritime employees
  • Casual employees
  • Railroad employees
  • Employees of private homes
  • Business owners
  • Volunteers
  • Farmers and farmlands
  • Undocumented workers
  • Leased or loaned workers
  • Independent contractors

However, the federal-state government provides compensation to federal employees. Furthermore, companies with less than five employees are not liable to follow the workers’ compensation insurance program.

Coverage of Injuries under the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy

If an employee sustains injuries within the boundaries or outside the boundaries of the workplace, then they are compensated under the workers’ compensation insurance policy. This form of insurance covers injuries that the employees encounter during working, which may include natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or violent acts.

Moreover, in case the employee dies due to an accident at the workplace, then they get compensation for the funeral as well. Not only this, but the employees are also provided with coverage for illnesses or diseases caused because of employment.

For example, employees dealing with toxic chemicals may suffer from illness because of daily exposure to the chemicals.

Benefits of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy

The compensation granted to the workers for injuries comes under the American Medical Association. Employees are provided with income benefits depending upon the complete or partial disability. The benefited amount is the percentage of the workers’ weekly wages.

All employers are responsible for their employees; therefore, they need to be sure to have sufficient coverage levels within their workers’ compensation insurance policy.



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