Can a master’s degree in business management build your employability?

Do you have a master’s degree in management? Have you ever thought you can mould your employability skill by learning management concepts. A lot of people already know that there is a relationship between higher education and employability. A master’s degree in business management is your advantage over many candidates (with a bachelor’s degree or diploma) for a similar job. Read more


6 Ways How Artificial Intelligence Is Replacing Human Intelligence

“Artificial Intelligence is about replacing human decision making with more sophisticated technologies.” -Falguni Desai Every business has been revolutionized by artificial intelligence. More than $12 billion was invested in this technology last year, and it is expected to rise with$190 billion by the year 2025. Businesses are trying to implement this technology to transform their companies. For instance, companies looking Read more

How to deal with criticism at the office or workplace

Have you ever faced criticisms at your workplace? It’s a very common problem. Some criticisms can very valuable also enabling you to hone to whatever it is you are working on and improve it for the better work. Next time you receive a criticism keep these in mind instead of thinking negative. 1. Look at your initial reaction No matter Read more