Is Career management essential today

career management

Think about your career goals, how do you want to frame it?

How can you utilize your full potential, strengths, talents, experience, and passion in your work?

 What is a career?

Career is defined as the occupational position a person has had over many years.  It is an appropriate sequence of activities related to work. Work-related activities in relation to experience also include roll experiences at an individual’s different hierarchical levels, leading when the increasing level of responsibilities, status, power, achievements, and awards.

Career management is the process for enabling workers to better comprehend and improve their career skills and interest and to use these talents and interests more effectively.  It is a process by which people can steer their careers, direct them, and influence them. Comprise of career planning and career development

Career planning 

Career planning is a lifelong procedure, which includes choosing an occupation, getting a job, growing in job, possibly changing careers, and eventually retiring.  This may have, but it is more likely to happen several times as we first define and then redefine ourselves and our goals.

Career planning is a conscious, deliberate process through which a person becomes aware of his Individual skills, knowledge, interest, motivation, and other attributes.

Steps in career planning

 Collect information

The first step in career planning is to collect information about you to help make career decisions.  This includes learning about development needs, skills attitude, values roles, and interest.

Explore your choices

The second step in career planning is to explore your choices and investigate them.  Your self-assessment takes you want step even further by looking at your interest,  abilities,  values and work-life needs and narrowing it down to areas of opportunity.  This comprises of researching about the industries in which you would like to work, exploring the occupation in which you are interested and also the searching about the labor market.

After completing your self-assessment and exploring your options, you should be ready to make some career decisions.

Now the question is how you decide?

 This is done with the help of aligning the needs and opportunities for oneself.  The person should identify possible outcomes, evaluate these outcomes, explore the alternative, and choose both a short term and long term option.

Getting experience connected with your career can help you increasing knowledge and skills to strengthen your career objective.  This contains developing a job search strategy, investigating sources of additional training and education,   writing a resume, information about companies, composing a cover letter, preparing job interviews.

Implementation is the last step in the process of what you have learnt and moving towards a new job for further education.  You should also continue to assess your choices and make alternations, if necessary.

Career development

Need to really develop new and better skills to promote and achieve a higher organizational level.  Organizations must also diligent in the design and development of their employee’s career advancement programs.

Employees, it is the responsibility of the employers to provide them with prospects to achieve their desire in today’s turbulent and terribly ambitious world of work.

Career development is an ongoing process in which both employees and employers must make efforts to build a favorable environment so that even their own objectives can be achieved at the same time.

Significance of career development

  • It is a way to prevent job burnouts.  The employees do not lose interest in their jobs and careers.  Career development and riches their job experiences along with providing success, which enhances their performance.
  • The employees are provided with career information.  It can be a learning experience for the employees where they will learn about recent trends and opportunities in their careers.
  • It and ensures improved quality of working life as it helps in removing the monotony of work.

Methods of career development

There are several methods widely used for the development of a career.  But, these are the most used unique combinations. The commonly used career development methods are as follows:

Discussion with experienced people:  The subordinate is paired with his superior in this method, in order to give on their best career development activities.  In some cases, the services provided by counselors or psychologists.

Material by the company:  Some organizations have created specific materials for the development of their employees.  In addition, job descriptions can be regarded as good content that shows workers to decide whether their strengths and weakness correspond to the requirements of the job offering within their own organization.

Workshops:  Some organization offers its employees seminars and workshops that last two or more days so that they can develop their careers within the organization.  The career goals are described and matched by the workers with the organization’s needs.

Personal development plans:  some organizations encourage their employees to submit their own personal growth plans.  This plan summarizes the needs of the workers personal development and the specified efforts and action plan for achievement.  The upper management, therefore, encourages staff to examine their weakness and strength.



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