green marketing

Green Initiatives and Employee Engagement – How to Get Started

Green marketing and employee engagement, do they have any relation? Yes, Employee motivation for green or sustainable business practices is the basis for the victory in green marketing and innovation. The confront is to align internal practices with green business goals. The good news is that it is quite possible there may already be some green initiatives in place, started Read more

Can a master’s degree in business management build your employability?

Do you have a master’s degree in management? Have you ever thought you can mould your employability skill by learning management concepts. A lot of people already know that there is a relationship between higher education and employability. A master’s degree in business management is your advantage over many candidates (with a bachelor’s degree or diploma) for a similar job. Read more

hobby into business

Unleash your Hobby to Business

Everyone has hobbies! Why don’t you think of turning your hobby as a business? Does that sound practical? Many of the world’s most successful businesses began as a hobby. Other well-known companies that were hobbies first include Dell Computers, Famous Amos Cookies, and Wendy’s. If you are planning to start your own business, but haven’t identified exactly what that business Read more

customer experience

How to gain Positive Customer experience from Gen Z

A wise business person will always take customer experience into consideration. Generation Z is the future’s customers and in the next 10 years, they will be the biggest purchasing power replacing the millennials. Generation Z consists of people who were born between the 1990s and 2010. Gen Z currently holds the spending power of 44 billion dollars (660 billion dollars Read more

ethics in hr department

Being ethical in business with human resources is the priority for HR department

Many businesses and staff today are facing a difficult time worldwide? Yes, In fact, this is creating pressure on business regarding human resources, and this is seen that sometimes this pressure leads the HR department to try to deceive the Human resources or act unethically. The external pressure and market competition are forcing companies and businesses to reduce their workforce. Read more

What is Management: Top 10 Management skills

Management is seen as managing men tactfully. It comprises of managing individuals and groups to get things done. It influences the behaviour of people working in an organization. What is Management? Management is an art of managing people and other resources of an organization. It gives various theories, tools and techniques to manage and increase the productivity of the organisation. Read more