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Green Initiatives and Employee Engagement – How to Get Started

Green marketing and employee engagement, do they have any relation? Yes, Employee motivation for green or sustainable business practices is the basis for the victory in green marketing and innovation. The confront is to align internal practices with green business goals. The good news is that it is quite possible there may already be some green initiatives in place, started Read more

Why Recruiters Are hiring through Social Media

As social media is becoming a big part of our lives, more employers are using it to research potential employees to gather more information that they would otherwise get during the interview process. Seventy percent of employers use social media to select candidates during the hiring process, and forty-three percent use social media to look at current workers. The truth Read more

How To Balance Between Innovative Ideas And Employee Efficiency

Improving the performance of employees has always been a constant challenge for HR managers and professionals, but the choice of the right strategy has changed considerably in recent decades. Balancing between innovative ideas and employee efficiency is an organizational strategy that focuses explicitly on new approaches for a better work environment. It also helps employees work in a way that Read more

Future of Education : Virtual learning and the impact of emotional intelligence among students

It is hard to accept changes with new technology but must accept the new teaching-learning platform In the previous few years, the field of education experienced much progression and it’s gone to the next level. Virtual learning has become a new normal for the students in the cases when they are not able to attend the classes in person. The Read more

Ecology Thinking, Going Green in Business

Think of becoming a green business, does that sound great? Switching to a green environment is not only better for the environment, but it can also benefit your business results. Going green in business does not require reducing the production of materials, but it requires you to use the resources more efficiently. Global warming, climate change, pollution, deforestation, natural calamities Read more