Smart Tips to Excel in Telephonic Interview

What an excellent resume, an impeccable application! Now it’s the time for the employers to get to know you more And yes that’s by a phone interview What is a Telephonic interview? This is an initial interview in the hiring procedure. The telephonic interview can cut down applicants who are not suitable for the job. Most often, an applicant goes Read more

Winning Interview with these 6 Tips

You just received a call from your would-be employer that you have been shortlisted and therefore scheduled for a job interview. As anticipated, mixed thoughts of enthusiasm and anxiety get into you as you ponder on the next step of action. There are six successful tips that might just give you the job you have been longing for. 1: Do Read more

Tips to succeed in Virtual Interview

You have spent days searching for jobs and crafting the perfect resumes and cover letters. Now you have a job interview scheduled. You’re just steps away from your dream job, but what happens if your interview is virtual? Yes, it’s going to be the future style of recruitment. We all are passing through a phase in the history of mankind Read more

Why Recruiters Are hiring through Social Media

As social media is becoming a big part of our lives, more employers are using it to research potential employees to gather more information that they would otherwise get during the interview process. Seventy percent of employers use social media to select candidates during the hiring process, and forty-three percent use social media to look at current workers. The truth Read more