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Cohesiveness Is the Fruit of Effective Leadership

The concept of organizational cohesiveness is recognized in the military as a factor that makes or breaks unit effectiveness. Military leaders have long recognized that when cohesiveness breaks down and is left unaddressed, the unit’s ability to perform is not simply diminished but ultimately destroyed. The same concept applies to organizations. Cohesiveness Is the Fruit of Effective Leadership. Organizational cohesiveness Read more

All about Charismatic leadership

Charisma is a personality trait worth having Charismatic people are great influencers A power that some people have naturally that makes them unique and influence others and attract their attention ….Yes this is Charisma Now what is Charismatic leadership A person with a strong personality who always motivates and inspires others. The term charisma will be practical to a certain Read more

Leadership theories

Leadership Theories

How can a leader excel? Is it through leadership skills? The topic of leadership has always been a broad field of study since the ages began. So many postulations have been made regarding the topic in various circles. There are lots of leadership theories that have been propounded by great minds in their bid to make the subject understandable. Let’s Read more

Contingency Theory of Leadership

The term leader is very common for all! In management terms, a leader is a person who has impending power and influence on a group of people towards a meticulous direction or objective. Leadership theories can be famed between who gets to be a leader and a follower. There are quite a number of leadership theories, it is very vital Read more