Can a master’s degree in business management build your employability?

Do you have a master’s degree in management? Have you ever thought you can mould your employability skill by learning management concepts. A lot of people already know that there is a relationship between higher education and employability. A master’s degree in business management is your advantage over many candidates (with a bachelor’s degree or diploma) for a similar job. Read more

14 principles of management

Administrative theory of Management

Henry Fayol of France developed the theory.  This approach focuses on principles that can be used by managers to coordinate the internal activities of the organization like planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.  It explained the process of managing an organization from the top managerial perspective. Henry Fayol has given 14 principles of management which are as follows: Division of work Read more

scientific management theory

Scientific management theory

Frederick W  Taylor Had done a lot of work to increase the productivity of the workers.  He is branded as the father of scientific management.  This approach emphasizes the scientific study of work in order to improve workers’ efficiency. He tried to find out effective work standards and developed a scientific method to improve productivity. Now we will have a Read more

What is Management: Top 10 Management skills

Management is seen as managing men tactfully. It comprises of managing individuals and groups to get things done. It influences the behaviour of people working in an organization. What is Management? Management is an art of managing people and other resources of an organization. It gives various theories, tools and techniques to manage and increase the productivity of the organisation. Read more