How to gain Positive Customer experience from Gen Z

customer experience

A wise business person will always take customer experience into consideration.

Generation Z is the future’s customers and in the next 10 years, they will be the biggest purchasing power replacing the millennials.

Generation Z consists of people who were born between the 1990s and 2010. Gen Z currently holds the spending power of 44 billion dollars (660 billion dollars if the parent’s influence is considered).

They are the upcoming clients, as soon as they hit the workplaces and start earning, they will replace the previous generation as the biggest spenders.

So, for every business, it is important to create a positive customer experience among the gen z. This will hugely impact every business.

Consider this, if a business gets a great customer experience from the future’s buyers that means the business will have more customers in the future, then a business that has failed in achieving it.

Below I have listed five simple things that can help businesses gain a positive customer experience from Gen Z.

Visual representation matters:

It has been observed that Gen responds positively to visual representation. Visual content includes images and videos.

It has been observed that Gen Z spends 23 hours watching videos on average per week. That explains the importance of the visual content and why it matters.

To make more customers you need to create visual content and this content will also provide positive feedback.

 Focus on smartphones:

 Almost 70% of Gen Z uses smartphones, they like to do all their stuff through their mobile phones.

On average Gen Z spends most of its time on mobile apart from all other activities combined. To target Gen Z, you need to focus more on smartphone experience.

Offer Personalized services:

Gen Z likes everything personalized for themselves. They want their experience to be personalized as well.

Consider this, Netflix uses algorithms that detect what genre the person likes, and then Netflix home screen changes according to his preferences. This personalized experience is a great way to achieve positive feedback.

Build trust:

If you want to influence Gen Z, you need to build trust. If you want them to be your loyal customers, you need to provide them what they expect from you.

You need to create trust between you and the customer. Take an example of “Apple”, it builds trust among Gen Z and now everyone from Gen Z is their loyal customer and they do not want to switch out of the Apple environment.

Create an in-store experience:

Last but not the least, is to create an environment and in-store experience that Gen Z likes, it is estimated that the Gen Z is spending more on in-store shopping then online shopping, this might change with time but for now it is a fact.

So, if you can create an environment that attracts more Gen Z clients then you can create a better Gen Z customer experience.


One thing that is clear from the above discussion is that future’s biggest customer will be the Gen Z and getting a positive experience from them is important for the growth and survival of the business in this dynamic environment, and the tips above will help you gain a more positive experience from the Gen Z.

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