Why Humor Is a Must in workplace

I laugh so much! But when it comes to the workplace I control all my humor.

Humor isn’t merely a pleasant diversion amidst the stress and rush of our day.

It is a constructive force that reduces stress levels, improves confidence, and eventually impacts the bottom line itself. In short, it pays to laugh.

When I suggest that humor contributes to the overall well-being of people in the workplace I don’t want to give the impression that your place of business should become a veritable joke factory.

In fact, I find the constant telling of jokes tedious, annoying, and distracting. It seems that the telling of one joke demands the telling of another and another.

When I talk about humor in the workplace I am suggesting the cultivation of an ambiance in which we don’t take ourselves too seriously, where we laugh easily and often. It is no secret that stress and low morale are two present realities in the workplace today.

If left unchecked they can seriously erode the well-being of those working with you and negatively impact performance, productivity, and profit.

Employees are expected to act more independently, handle increasingly complex problems, and do more with, and for less. While I am convinced of the power of humor to reduce stress and promote positive healthy relationships at home and at work, a problem remains. How can we begin to employ humor in our workplace in the presence of high stress and low morale?

Let’s take a look at just what humor can do and how we can begin to cultivate a climate of humor in our place of work and by so doing reap the fantastic benefits such a program provides.

 The value of humor in the workplace

  • Humor reduces stress levels. It is impossible to feel anxious and laugh at the same time.
  • Laughter boosts confidence.
  • Keeping things in perspective boosts morale and humor helps us keep things in perspective.
  • Humor helps facilitate change.
  • Communication improves when humor is used appropriately. The timely use of humor can get a point across effectively and assist in the process of problem-solving.
  • Humor reduces boredom and increases creative energy.
  • Laughter destroys all limits to our thinking allowing us to be open to new possibilities.
  • Can retain the best employee
  • Fun at work can increase work productivity

One of the appealing things about implementing humor in the workplace program is found in its reasonable cost.

Does your workplace cheer humor? Would love to hear from you?

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